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2020 : Family support is essential

Given the current circumstances, we have decided to deploy our awareness campaign exclusively online. The visuals are available on our website

2019 Campaign : online violence

Dépliant sur la cyberhomophobie et la transphobie

2018 Campaign - LGBT rights in the world

2017 Campaign : Trans people deserve respect and love

2016 campaign : LGBT seniors

2015 Campaign : Allies

2014 Campaign : Homoparental families



2013 Campaign : Homophobia and transphobia on the Internet

2012 Campaign : Diversity in the workplace

2011 Campaign : LGBT couples

2010 Campaign : LGBT people in sports

2008 Campaign : Homosexuality and trans identity are not diseases

2003 campaign : Shocking ? Only for homophobes !

Shocking ? only to homophobes. Lesbian kissing. International day against homophobia and transphobia Awareness raising poster  ​Shocking ? Only to homophobes ! Gay kissing. International day against homophobia and transphobia Awareness raising poster


2007 Campaign : We do not choose our sexual orientation

  ​Sexual orientation is not a choice International day against homophobia and transphobia Awareness raising poster


Aging gayfully - Information guide

Ensuring the good treatment of lesbian say bisexual and transgender older adults


Aging gayfully - Brochure FRENCH ONLY


Aging gayfully - Posters FRENCH ONLY


Guide d'information : intégrer les personnes trans en milieu de travail : OUT OF STOCK



Available in print in french only

Dépliants Famille Choisie

Guide d'activités pour établissements scolaires : FRENCH ONLY

Guide d'activité pour les écoles contre l'homophobie et la transphobie

Notre guide a pour but d’aider le personnel scolaire à créer un climat plus inclusif et à organiser des activités dans le cadre du 17 mai, Journée internationale contre l’homophobie et la transphobie.
Vous y trouverez des activités clés en main, des ressources et des explications sur l’importance de votre participation.


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